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For most small- and medium-sized business owners seeking business insurance, there is an extensive choice of online business insurance websites offering 'one size fits all' standard business liability insurance packages and quotes.

However, not every business, or its owner, fits into a 'standard' insurance package. For a wide variety of reasons, some businesses fall outside the underwriting factors that insurers take into account when considering whether to offer a business-owner a quote, or to decline. In many cases, premiums offered might be too high, the required terms too strict, or you might just want to compare quotes from a wider variety of insurance brokers and insurers.

QuoteRack has been helping 'non-standard' businesses and their owners to find appropriate insurance cover since 2006. If you would like to submit your details directly to UK-based, FCA-regulated insurance brokers who specialise in sourcing business insurance policies where other insurance websites have failed to offer a quote or you find their terms unacceptable, QuoteRack is for you. With nearly 80 different types of business insurance to choose from, we offer most businesses the opportunity to speak directly to brokers who are experts in providing advice and guidance towards the best available quotes for your business insurance.