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As a vape-shop owner selling e-cigarettes, e-liquids and vaping accessories, you’ll probably be aware already that vape shop insurance needs to cover not only the usual retail side of the business, but also the higher risk cover for potential health and safety issues arising from the sale of vaping equipment.

Whereas e-cigarettes were once considered a passing fad, they have now become more established as an alternative and arguably ‘healthier’ way for people to smoke cigarettes, albeit in electronic, ‘e-liquid’ form.

Vape Shop and E-Cigarette Retailer Insurance

E-cigarette retailers' insurance cover is available online through QuoteRack's specialist business liability insurance brokers

How can I compare prices for e-cigarette shop insurance?

With vape shops now rapidly increasing in numbers, the availability of reasonably priced e-cigarette shop insurance has also grown, with some insurers taking a view on the potential issues arising from shop owners selling e-cigarettes to the public. Issues relating to the health and safety hazards of vaping e-cigarettes has deterred several insurers from offering terms for vape shop insurance policies, but fortunately QuoteRack can help you to obtain and compare quotes from insurers who are prepared to offer cover to e-cigarette shops.

What insurance cover do I need as a vape shop owner?

As with any shop insurance policy, you will need insurance cover for:

  • Public liability – this provides cover in the event that a member of the public has an accident in your e-cigarette shop and for any liability arising from a claim made against you.
  • Employer’s liability – this is a legal requirement if you employ any staff
  • Product liability – this is a critically important insurance product that you can request from your insurance broker. If anything you sell in your vape shop - e-cigarettes, e-liquids, vaping accessories – causes an injury, illness or harm through being faulty or poorly made, you could be liable for a claim of compensation from your customers. Product liability insurance is usually included as a matter of course when purchasing public liability insurance. However, where e-cigarettes are involved, this cover can be excluded by some insurers. You should ask your insurance broker whether product liability, with specific mention of e-cigarette insurance, is included within your cover.
  • Business premises cover – this might be included under the terms of your shop lease, but you should check to make sure your business premises are insured.
  • Stock insurance – protects your stock of e-cigarettes and other equipment from damage
  • Theft cover – protects you against the cost of replacing stock that is stolen
  • Glass cover – the glass frontage of the vape shop can be replaced if damaged, under this cover
  • Directors and officers (D&O) insurance – this cover protects you from liability for issues arising from the running of your business
  • Good in transit insurance – if you transport goods, stock and equipment, you might want to consider goods in transit cover.
  • Van insurance – cover for your company’s vans, used in the course of running your e-cigarette business

Frequently asked questions

Am I covered for theft of e-cigarettes and vaping equipment?

Theft of small, high value items such as e-cigarettes is a major risk for vape shop owners, either by visitors to the shop or, occasionally, by employees. As demand and popularity for e-cigarettes has grown, so has their availability on the black market. As a vaping equipment retailer, you should make sure that your vape shop insurance covers you for theft of such items. Talking through your options with a QuoteRack broker will help you to decide what cover is most suitable for your vaping business insurance.

Vaping equipment can be highly combustible – am I covered for fire damage?

The potential for fire damage caused by e-cigarettes catching fire or exploding is one reason why vape shop insurance can be more expensive than conventional shops. How the stock is stored, the fire control methods – alarms, sprinkler systems – fitted in your shop will all have an effect on the insurance cover and premium you are quoted.

How much is e-cigarette insurance?

There are several factors, several specific to e-cigarette shop insurance, that can affect how much you will need to pay to cover your vape shop business. With the number of insurers prepared to offer full cover for all aspects of vape retailers insurance relatively limited, comparing business insurance quotes for vaping retailers is not always straightforward and vape shop owners can benefit from consulting insurance brokers who specialise in this type of retail insurance.

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QuoteRack works closely with a network of highly specialised and expert independent insurance brokers. We can put you in direct and immediate contact with an insurance broker who is familiar with vape shop insurance and the range of e-cigarette insurance products and cover that you are likely to need. Enquire with us today, and QuoteRack’s team of approved brokers will find the most effective and economical insurance quotes for you.

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