Manufacturing Business Insurance

Insuring your manufacturing business

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Arranging manufacturers business insurance, including factory insurance or warehouse insurance, requires the knowledge and expertise of specialist insurance brokers.

Manufacturing Business Insurance

For product liability insurance, a manufacturer needs to assess the potential financial risk to him or her of their misuse, or of a defect in their design or manufacture

What does manufacturing business insurance cover?

A lot will depend upon your manufacturing business's individual insurance requirements, but in general your manufacturing liability insurance should include:

  • Public liability insurance
  • Product liability insurance
  • Business contents and stock insurance
  • Buildings insurance
  • Business interruption insurance
  • Engineering insurance
  • Trade credit insurance
  • Cyber attack insurance
  • Directors and officers' insurance
  • Theft of takings insurance
  • Legal expenses
  • Employer's liability

What other types of business insurance should I consider?

Depending upon the type and scale of your manufacturing business, you may also wish to consider:

How can QuoteRack help with manufacturing business insurance?

QuoteRack works closely with insurance brokers who can offer you access to specialised schemes offered by niche insurance companies offering manufacturers liability insurance.

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Manufacturing business insurance - FAQ's

What is products liability insurance?

As a manufacturer, the products you manufacture need to be insured in the event that they lead to potential legal proceedings following their use or because of a potential manufacturing defect. Product liability insurance covers you in the event that a product that you manufacture, sell or supply is found to be defective and causes injury or harm to someone.

What does employers' liability insurance cover?

Employers’ liability insurance is legally required by any business that employs staff. It protects your business against financial claims made by your employees if they suffer an accident or injury at work.

What is business interruption insurance?

Business interruption insurance provides you with cover for any loss of profit and the increased costs of continuing to work, following damage to your property that is sufficient to restrict your ability to continue trading.

What does public liability insurance cover?

Public liability insurance covers you in the event that a member of the public is injured or their property damaged as a consequence of your business activities.

What is engineering insurance?

Engineering insurance provides cover for the damage and breakdown of your machinery and equipment.

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