Tradesman Public Liability Insurance

Why do you need tradesman public liability insurance?

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By the nature of their jobs, tradespeople come into contact with risk to the public and their property more than office-based roles. As such, they require a special level of public liability insurance to ensure their business is protected. Tradesman public liability insurance refers to specialist business insurance for tradespeople, whether a sole trader or a large company.

Tradesman Public Liability Insurance

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Why use tradesman liability insurance?

Tradesman liability insurance is a form of business liability insurance. Public liability insurance protects you, your business or your contractors in the event of an accident caused by your work, whether on your site or elsewhere. Tradesman will often work in or on people's homes, such as plumbers, alarm installers and roofers, around their possessions and furniture. Damage caused by faulty work, such as a leak from a roof or a burst pipe, could result in a hefty claim against your business.

It’s more than just about peace of mind, though. Holding sufficient insurance conveys a level of professionalism to your customers and can help your customers be confident working with your company. Specific trade associations may also require it.

Who does tradesman public liability insurance cover?

Tradesman public liability insurance can usually cover those in trades such as:

If you are a contractor

If you’re a contractor, you must hold suitable tradesman public liability insurance if your work causes damage. If you use subcontractors, they should be covered under your policy should you supervise their work. If your subcontractors are not working under your supervision, they must hold their own tradesman public liability insurance.

If you are a sub-contractor

If you’re a subcontractor working under the supervision of a contractor, then you should be covered by their tradesman public liability insurance. If you are working unsupervised, you should have your own tradesman liability insurance. If not, you could be held accountable for any damage. Most contractors will require proof of insurance before letting you work.

Does public liability insurance cover my employees’ work?

Tradesman public liability insurance protects your business in the instance that your company's work causes injury to a member of the public or damage to property. This cover protects you against compensation and legal fees. This cover is only available for your employees if you also have employees liability insurance, or 'EL insurance'. If you have employees, you are required to hold this cover by law.

If you run a family business that is not registered as a limited company, then you may not need to hold employee liability insurance by law. The government defines a family business as one that employs close family members, such as children, parents, siblings (including half-siblings), grandparents, spouses and other immediate family members.

How can QuoteRack help?

QuoteRack works closely with insurance brokers who can offer you access to specialised schemes offered by niche insurance companies offering tradesman public liability insurance.

Tradesman Public Liability Insurance - frequently asked questions

Do tradesman need liability insurance?

You’re not legally required to hold tradesman public liability insurance; however, in the event of an accident, such as damage to property or belongings or injury as a result of your work, your business could be liable for a significant compensation payout.

If your business has employees, you should be aware of the legal requirement to have suitable levels of employee liability insurance in place.

How much does tradesman insurance cost?

As with any business, your quote will depend entirely on your individual business case. Many factors can influence the tradesman insurance quote you receive, such as:

  • Your annual business turnover
  • The level of cover - public and/or employers liability - you require
  • Your age, location, relevant experience and industry qualifications
  • Trade association membership
  • Previous claims experience

Can I insure my tools?

If you’re a tradesman, you’re likely to be working with expensive tools and replacing them could be met with a hefty price tag. Tools insurance can help in the event of theft, fire, vandalism and flood. If you’re looking to get insurance for your tools, please visit our tools only insurance page.

What other types of insurance should I have?

As a self-employed tradesman or if you have a limited company, there are several other insurance types that may be beneficial to your business, such as:

  • Employee liability insurance: If you employ other staff within your business, you are legally required to hold suitable employee liability insurance to keep your staff protected in the case of injury.
  • Tools insurance: In the event your expensive tools are damaged in a fire or flood or even stolen or vandalised.
  • Commercial property insurance: If you have a building or office for your business, it would be wise to seek commercial property insurance to protect your business premises in the event of fire, flood or theft.
  • Key man life insurance: This is life insurance for the key individuals and workers within your business.
  • Company director life insurance: This allows you to take out life insurance through your company if you’re a company director.
  • Company health insurance: Health insurance cover is available for business owners and their staff.

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