Pub Insurance

Because A Business Full of Breakables Needs Unbreakable Insurance

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Alcohol and breakables are usually a combination businesses go out of their way to avoid.

If you’re running a pub, you’ve probably already discovered that most insurance providers reflect that by running very fast in the opposite direction. You need to 'Get a Quote' as a priority.

Pub Insurance

You realise very quickly how important business insurance is for a public house - we needed expert help to get the right cover at the right price.

Running a drinking establishment as a pub landlord or tenant means you need a lot of insurance.

What does pub insurance cover?

You need great, competitive insurance for your stock, fixtures and fittings, professional indemnity insurance, and employer's liability insurance.

You need pub landlord insurance, or pub tenant insurance, and of course you need public liability insurance.

Building insurance? Yes, you’re going to need that too.

Trying to source all of that while running your pub can make you feel like calling last rounds on the whole thing.

There’s an easier way.

Pub insurance through QuoteRack

QuoteRack lets you get and compare multiple quotes from specialist insurance brokers, simply by filling in a brief online form. How brief? Probably a little longer than waiting to top up a Guinness, but not by much.

We have access to brokers that specialise in licensed trade insurance – and will stampede towards your form like you just called last orders, instead of away from it.

We know that getting the right pub insurance is a vital part of your business, but it really shouldn’t be harder than pulling the perfect draught.

QuoteRack have made it a whole lot faster and easier than searching up individual brokers and hoping they actually want to do business with you.

Click here to start filling out the form – and don’t worry, we’ll talk you through it every step of the way.

We’ll pass your details onto our specialist brokers, while you get back to work. Pints don’t pour themselves, after all.

Click the 'Get a Quote' link to get our specialist brokers lining up to contact you, and call closing time on the hunt for an insurance quote to cover your pub.

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