Electric Bike Insurance

How much does it cost to insure an electric bicycle?

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Electric bicycles or 'eBikes' are all the rage and comparing E-Bike insurance quotes is made much easier, quicker and invariably cheaper if you know where to find specialist insurance brokers that offer specific underwriting schemes for these electric bicycles. Fortunately, QuoteRack can help you...

Electric Bike Insurance

Check your home insurance policy to see whether your electric bike is covered - many policies limit cover to only when the eBike is at home.

Through its network of UK-based insurance brokers, QuoteRack enables owners and riders to compare quotes for their electric bicycle insurance. Not all eBike insurance policies are the same and there are variations in levels of cover, sums insured, restrictions on theft cover and the availability of public liability insurance.

Unlike electric cars and motorbikes, there is no legal Road Traffic Act requirement for electric bike insurance while using the public highway, but given the value and desireability of these electric bikes, owners will want to make sure their often substantial investment is properly insured.

With new and wider cycle paths being made available by many local authorities, Government support for 'greener' transport methods and the beneficial health effects, there's never been a better time for electric bicycles, which seem to represent one of the cheapest, cleanest and healthiest ways of exercising, getting to and from work and reducing carbon emissions. These are all reasons why so many are now considering an electric bicycle as an increasingly obvious way of getting about.

However, electric bikes aren't always a cheap option, with some eBikes costing upwards of £3,000. You tend to get what you pay for and some of the high-end electric bikes will be manufactured from lighter materials, have larger capacity batteries offering a longer range, more power and enhanced rider facilities.

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When comparing eBike insurance quotes, consider your home contents insurance too, before deciding which electric bicycle insurance cover is best for you

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