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Thinking about starting your own self build home development is a familiar dream, as the idea of designing and living in a unique self-built property that has been created specifically for you sounds perfect. Before you move into your self-build home, however, there lies ahead a significant amount of research, planning, dealing with various agencies, as well as making the initial financial investment. It makes sense to consider the appropriate level of self-build home insurance to make sure that you protect your financial investment from the potential difficulties that can beset such a self-building project.

self-build property insurance

The plot of land became a building site, which when the footings went in began to take the shape of our new home. There were contractors, plant and machinery, scaffolding - even a Portaloo. We'd arranged a self-build property mortgage, which represented a huge investment and finding quotes for self-build building site insurance cover gave us genuine peace of mind.

Most self-build projects start out as an initial idea and when the implications of building your own home become apparent, many are put off by the potential pitfalls, the financial risk and the general hassle of project managing a self-build development. However, some of the inherent stress can be alleviated by taking out specialist self-building home insurance to cover many of the risks associated with a build-it-yourself development project.

For those self-builders who overcome the obstacles and see the self-building project through to completion, however, there is the satisfaction of knowing that you have built your own home from scratch and have put your own stamp on your new home. Hopefully you will never need to claim on your self build property insurance and on the day you move into your new home, it will soon be forgotten. But having the right insurance to cover you whilst building your own home might make the difference between realising your dreams, or not.

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