Car Insurance Leads

Low cost, targeted motor insurance leads

Motor Insurance Leads is a unique service that offers you the chance to buy essential car insurance leads and help you generate more business. We are unique to the insurance industry because currently, no other website offers as many targeted varieties of non-standard and non-mainstream motor insurance leads as we do.

We generate our private car insurance leads in real time and directly from our website, ensuring that the leads that our subscribing insurance brokers and intermediaries are fresh and from customers who want your services.

Car Insurance Leads

We do not buy internet insurance leads from other suppliers. Neither do we sell car insurance leads to insurance companies or non-FCA-registered companies or individuals; we provide them directly to you, the brokers. acts as a junction between you and the prospect. By completing our online car insurance lead application form and giving details of your requirements, we will send you motor insurance leads, allowing you to talk directly to potential clients who want the services you have to offer. It works for them, because they save time and money and it works for you as an immediate and direct link to genuine car insurance prospects.

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Car Insurance Leads

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“ acted as my middle man, providing me with Internet insurance leads pertinent to my business. Their services lead me to the door of new clients who wanted to talk about the policies we offer.”

“ submits car insurance leads to insurance brokers instantly. The leads are current and give you the opportunity to talk to clients about your products without having to resort to ‘hard-sell’ tactics.”