Truck Insurance (>7.5 tonne GVW)

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Insuring a truck or lorry over 7.5 tonne gross vehicle weight (GVW)

If you are an owner-driver operating a truck or lorry with a gross vehicle weight over 7.5 tonnes, you will be looking for competitively-priced truck insurance - cover is available for truck or HGV truck insurance for a range of commercial vehicles with a gross vehicle weight of more than 7.5 tons.

Why you need specialist truck insurance

As a truck owner or HGV operator, you rely on your vehicles for your business operations and revenue. Any downtime due to a truck being off the road owing to accidental damage or major repairs can result in significant financial losses while the lorry is unavailable. Truck insurance offers coverage for repairs, replacements, and even roadside assistance, ensuring that your haulage business can continue uninterrupted and minimising any potential financial setback.

Depending on your insurance policy, it may include cover for medical expenses, personal injury protection, or even legal defence fees if you are involved in a lawsuit arising from a road traffic collision. So it pays to shop around - these additional protections can be invaluable in unforeseen circumstances and help you to keep your trucks on the road.

How does QuoteRack work? We will pass your truck insurance requirements to insurance brokers who specialise in commercial vehicle insurance and they will be able to offer you competitive quotes and advice on insurance for trucks.

"Finding the right insurance policy requires access to the best truck insurance schemes through specialist insurance brokers - QuoteRack will put you in direct contact with brokers who specialise in insuring trucks and lorries of all types."

There are as many different types of lorry insurance policy available as there are types of lorry, depending upon your business and the type of use that your lorry or truck will have.


"Dealing with an insurance broker that specialises in arranging truck insurance offers additional benefits, including their knowledge and expertise in this type of commercial vehicle insurance"

"Lorry-drivers, often who are self-employed, may not be best-advised to take the cheapest lorry insurance cover they can find - they should check the cover provided by any truck insurance policy beforehand"

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