Private Use Van Insurance

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Insuring a van for social, domestic and pleasure use only

You use your van for private use only, purely social, domestic and pleasure use and maybe daily commuting, so why not get the rewards of getting cheaper private use van insurance from an insurance broker who has access to specialist van insurance policies that are aimed specifically at van owners who only have their vans for private use.

"Private use can include the carriage of fishing, golf and other social, personal and hobby-related equipment, as long as the van is not being used for business purposes and there are no goods being carried for hire or reward"

If as a van driver you are unsure about whether you would qualify for a private use van insurance policy, simply complete the online form and submit your details. Even if you don't qualify, you will be able to discuss your van insurance requirements with a specialist insurance broker who will be happy to discuss all options with you and find the appropriate van insurance policy to suit your personal circumstances.

Aimed at van drivers aged over 21, the SD&P use van insurance policy includes cover normally associated with ordinary van insurance but covers only personal use of the vehicle, which includes the daily commute. Private use can also include carrying personal items, includes sports equipment, as long as the van is only for social use.


"I use my van to carry my motocross bike to events, it is for purely private and social use only as I do not use the van for any business-related purposes"

"I need a van to carry my DIY tools, ladders and decorating equipment, which comes under the terms of my private use van insurance policy"

Private Use Van Insurance