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Pet insurance for the older dog or cat

Just as there are fewer pet insurance companies offering insurance quotes for older pets, equally there will be a higher number of pet-owners who need insurance for older dogs or vets insurance for older cats. Insurance brokers who deal with QuoteRack have an extensive knowledge of the pet insurance market, including insurance for older pets. Time takes its toll on us all, even our pets and whereas insuring puppies and kittens is a lot easier, insuring a more mature dog or cat can present problems. Insurers shy away from offering insurance on pets who, at least statistically, stand an increasingly stronger chance of having to make visits to the vets for age-related medical and health conditions.

"My dog has a lot of life left in him at 14 but I still want insurance cover for any unexpected vets bills. Most of the online insurance companies won't touch him, but QuoteRack found me a great quote."

Typically, it is cats or dogs that fall foul of the upper age limits that some insurers place on their pet insurance policies and a pet owner needs to consider how best to prepare for the likelihood that their pet will at some point need the services of a specialist older pet insurance broker or company.

Insuring an older pet can be a lot easier when you can go direct to the specialist broker and deal with experts in this type of insurance.

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"For an older cat, I know she's not going to be easy to insure - there are medical complications that become more likely as a cat gets older and I know that her older cat insurance cover is likely to cost me more."

Older Pet Insurance