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How best to insure your mini-fleet

A small fleet or mini fleet is a group of cars and/or vans owned by a business between 2 and 5 vehicles, cars and/or vans. Having multiple cars on the road means your business must have the appropriate insurance cover. Small fleet insurance allows you to insure all of your cars under one policy, saving time and often money. Companies with more than six vehicles may be better investigating fleet motor insurance. Small fleet car insurance can benefit businesses whose directors are looking to insure their cars more cost-effectively, sometimes referred to as multi-car business insurance.

Insuring 2, 3, 4 or 5 cars and / or vans on a mini fleet insurance policy brings with it a number of benefits, not least that you only have to remember one renewal date for all of the vehicles on the small fleet insurance policy. Sometimes known as a multi-car insurance policy, insuring multiple vehicles on one policy can save time and money for those looking to insure up to 5 cars or vans.

Why use small fleet insurance?

Mini fleet car insurance is ideal for a business looking to insure multiple vehicles but without a large fleet, who do not want to insure each car individually. Using a small fleet insurance policy can save time and money when insuring multiple vehicles used by the same company. One of the most significant benefits of this policy type is convenience. A small fleet insurance policy allows you to insure all of your vehicles with a single payment, on a single date and even keep a single set of documents. Small fleet insurance also allows people within the policy to drive other cars on the policy, allowing car sharing when required. Small fleet car or van insurance also makes it easier to grow your fleet, as it can be easily added to the policy at any time.

It is important to remain cautious of who you’re adding to your policy. Drivers under 25 can sometimes increase the cost of your policy or may even be rejected altogether.

What vehicles can I insure?

Not only can you insure cars with small fleet insurance, but our brokers can also offer other policies such as multi-vehicle insurance for a car and a van. Examples of the vehicle types our brokers can help with include:

Insuring a car and a van?

It is also not necessary to insure the same type of car; for example, our brokers can insure a car and van together through policies such as multi-vehicle insurance for a car and a van.

What does a mini fleet insurance cover?

Common types of cover available with small fleet insurance include:

  • Comprehensive fleet cover: This covers the driver, the car, its passengers, property, third parties, vandalism and theft
  • Third-party, fire and theft fleet cover: This covers third parties in the event of an accident, as well as fire or theft. It does not cover your vehicle in the event of an accident or vandalism.
  • Third party only fleet cover: The most basic, cheapest and legal minimum level of cover in the UK. This covers third parties injury and damage to third party property.

Additional types of cover available

Additionally, you may opt to extend your insurance cover, usually for a slightly higher premium. Common insurance policy 'add-ons' include:

  • Breakdown cover: In the event your fleet vehicles break down and needs recovering or repairing at the roadside
  • Lost car key cover: To cover the cost of replacing your fleet's car keys if they are lost or stolen
  • Courtesy car: A replacement vehicle so you’re not left stranded in the event of repairs to your fleet's cars, following an accident
  • Windscreen cover: Usually included in comprehensive car insurance, cover can often be purchased for TPF&T policies, to cover the cost of repairing or replacing your car windscreen
  • No claims bonus protection: In the event of an at-fault claim, your no claims discount would not be lost or reduced
  • Cover for European driving
  • Goods in transit insurance
  • HGV and haulage insurance

Frequently asked questions

I run a small business - can I get a small fleet policy?

Multi car and van insurance is available to owners of cars and vans, or a mixture of both; the mini fleet insurance policy can be taken out in an individual's name or in the name of a company or business - it is entirely flexible and allows you to manage a small number of vehicles more easily and efficiently.

For small businesses that might have a couple of the business's owners' cars, as well as a van or two, a small business fleet insurance policy might be easier to manage and cheaper to insure too.

"Insuring a small number of vehicles, as few as 2, 3, 4 or 5 vehicles, is quite common and it has not always been easy to arrange cover for all the vehicles on one mini-fleet insurance policy"

My cars all have different renewal dates - can I put them on a mini-fleet policy?

You don't need to cancel all of your car or van insurance policies to start a mini-fleet insurance policy all at the same time, you can start the policy with one vehicle and then add your other cars or vans to the small fleet insurance policy as their respective policy renewal dates come around. Eventually you will have all of your cars on one insurance policy with a single, simple renewal date to remember.

Cover is as flexible as you require and one of the key advantages is that combining all of your vehicles on to one small fleet insurance policy often brings with it a reduction in your overall insurance premiums. You can mix the named drivers, the uses of each vehicle - business and/or private use - depending upon your insurance requirements.

QuoteRack also offers quotes for family fleet car insurance , where there is no business use required for any of the insured vehicles, or taxi fleet insurance for fleet operators of taxis.

How can QuoteRack help?

QuoteRack will pass your small fleet car insurance requirements to specialist insurance brokers who will be able to offer you competitive quotes and relevant advice on how to achieve the right cover for your small business fleet.

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