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Van insurance with motoring convictions, accidents or claims

Van insurance for drivers with accidents and/or convictions is available now from QuoteRack - get your quote today from our panel of specialist insurance brokers.

You're not alone in looking for van insurance with accidents or convictions. It is estimated that over a third of all UK driving licence holders have at least one motoring offence endorsement on their licence. The proliferation of speed cameras and advances such as Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology has increased the likelihood that errant drivers will be identified and prosecuted for motoring convictions. Consequently, with so many having driving licence endorsements and points on their driving licence, insurance companies need to take into account a poor driving record when offering quotes for van insurance for accidents or convictions


Amongst QuoteRack's specialist insurance brokers are those that cater for van drivers with motoring convictions.

"I have an SP30 speeding endorsement and an IN10 no insurance conviction - I was unlucky with the first and probably rather stupid with the second."

When it comes to a poor insurance claims record, QuoteRack is able to send your details to a selection of specialist insurance brokers who will understand the problems associated with van drivers who have lost their no claims bonus as the result of having to make insurance claims for accidents, theft claims or vandal damaged vehicles.

"My previous van was broken into, my tools were stolen and the thieves caused a lot of damage during the break-in. I lost my NCB and had to make a claim on my commercial vehicle insurance policy."

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"I had to make a couple of accident claims on my previous insurance policy, but fortunately I had a protected no claims bonus so my renewal premium didn't increase the next time around."

"I had points on my licence from a speeding offence - then I was hit in the rear by an uninsured driver. It wasn't my year."

Accident & Conviction Van Insurance